Belly Dance Classes & Workshops in Portland, OR

Workshops with Henna


Willamette’s End Coffee – 5003A. N. Lombard St., Portland, OR 97203
SUN. Jan. 21, 2018
3:30 – 6:30 p.m.
$55 in advance / $65 on the day (space permitting)

The heart of bellydance lives in the music of the Middle East. With its lively rhythms, complex instrumentation, and peculiar sounding scales, it has the power to move audience and dancer into states of ecstasy.

Basic music knowledge is a must for dancers of any style. This workshop is the first of a four part series that starts at the very beginning: by feeling the beat. From there we move into time signature, rhythm, and dynamics. Through discussion and experiential exercises, we flesh out why we feel what we feel when we hear music. How do we communicate that feeling to our audience, or to our collaborators? How do we let go and dance confidently in the web that Middle Eastern music spins?

In this 3 hour workshop, Henna breaks down the key elements of music that dancers must know. Part lecture, part discussion, and part dance, this workshop aims to explain musical structure in dancers language: through movement and visuals. Dancers will not only leave with tools and vocabulary for dissecting music, but with a more secure sense of feeling inside of the music.

Peninsula Odd Fellows Classroom – 4830 N. Lombard St., Portland, OR 97203
SUN. Feb. 11, 2018
1:30 – 4:30 p.m.
$55 in advance / $65 on the day (space permitting)

In this workshop we focus on clear, refined movement but also nuance. We start the class with our building blocks for bellydance and clarify those shapes while honing in on the nature of the movement inside of the music. We then take those building blocks and expand on them, play with them, and explore their dynamic possibilities in a drill format that will challenge your body and mind.

This workshop includes drills and combinations set to Middle Eastern music and rhythms. It is recommended for dancers with at least 2 years of consistent bellydance practice or for intermediate and advanced dancers.