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Henna was unexpected surprise for my 50th Birthday.
  Whatever my wife and Henna talked was kept in secret from me and I was shocked to hear music and  spectacular dressed woman (I would say an Artist) dancing in our house. Very professional, a lot of fun and with her smile and moves she was able to get many guests to join the dance and improvise as well. Well, I was dancing too.

Sergey T.

Henna at Jamballah NWHenna – belly dancer for parties and special occasions

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What options are there for belly dance performances?

Henna offers the following packages as suggestions, but anything can be customized to suit your event, whether it is a wedding, girl’s birthday, or surprise performance for a guest of honor.

Raqs Ayana is available for trio performances as well.

  • Classic Bellydance Show (20 to 35 minutes) A 20 to 35 minute solo performance including some or all of the following: finger cymbals, veil, double veil, fan veil, sword, and audience/guest of honor participation. A live Middle Eastern band can be arranged upon request.
  • Belly dance show and mini-lesson (50 to 60 minutes) A classic bellydance show followed by a mini-lesson. This is a great option for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baby showers, girl’s birthdays or just a ladies night. Henna is an experienced teacher who makes the movements easy and fun for any level of dancer. These are dance-floor ready moves! She’ll bring hip scarves and/or veils. With enough notice, Henna can bring hip scarves as gifts for all participants for an extra charge.
  • Short Belly Dance Performance (10 to 15 minutes) A great option as a surprise performance. Similar to the classic bellydance show but shortened. Mini-lessons can be added to this as well.
  • Have another idea? Henna will work with you to make your event perfect. This may include the coordinating of costume colors (usually for weddings or themed events), multiple dancers, or multiple sets.
  • Kids’ Birthdays (10 minutes to 1 hour)  Children love dancing and music.  Henna is a mother, teacher, and favorite aunt with lots of experience dancing with kids of all ages.  She brings exciting music, beautiful costuming, props to borrow like hip scarves, finger cymbals, and veils for the kids to try out.  Contact her directly for more ideas!Raqs Ayana Belly Dance Trio

What should I expect in a Belly Dance performance?
The length Henna’s performance can be customized to suit the needs of your event, however a typical set is 20 to 35 minutes long. This includes a quick and upbeat entrance, into a slow piece showcasing veil or sword, a lively drum solo, and into a finale. The finale usually includes the guest of honor and others in a group dance number. Depending on the event and space allowed, Henna plays finger cymbals, dances with veil or double veil, fans and fan veil, cane, or sword.

What kind of music does Henna use for a performance?
Henna is well versed in the rhythms and music of Egypt, Turkey, and North Africa. Her solo dancing is primarily rooted in Egyptian style belly dance but songs from Turkey are not uncommon in her sets. She dances to classic Arabic music as well as modern pop.

What kind of sound system is required?
Henna will bring music on a burned CD and iPod. The louder, the better! A boombox is not ideal, but if it is the only sound system available, please let Henna know in advance.

Is Belly dance appropriate for children?
Yes! Bellydance is an art form that requires years of training like any other dance. Henna is a mother and teacher and loves performing for all ages. Children are often the first volunteers to dance with her. Bellydance is not stripping, and professional bellydancers take this very seriously. Henna does not perform at bachelor parties.

Is tipping appropriate?
Yes, tipping is accepted in addition to the regular fee.  Henna accepts tips in her hip belt or as a “money shower” where many bills are thrown overhead.

Does Henna perform outside of the Portland metro area?
Yes. Travel expenses will be factored into the fee.

Candle Tray at House Party with Henna Belly DancerWhat kind of settings does Henna perform in?
Henna is accustomed to dancing in various settings – from living rooms to large stages. A space of at least 15 feet square is ideal but smaller spaces are workable. Henna lived and danced in Tokyo and has learned to perform in very tight spaces! Please let Henna know the condition of the floor (hard wood, carpet, concrete, etc.) so that she can plan accordingly. What about restaurants or nightclubs? Discounted rates are available for venues that feature dancing on a regular basis.

Contact Henna for more information or to book her for your next event!