Henna’s Belly Dance Workshop Offerings

Henna teaches a variety of belly dance workshops rooted in Egyptian raqs sharki and Egyptian folkloric dances.  Her training in many styles of belly dance enhances her teaching methodology to meet each student at his/her level and style.

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Shimmy Bliss
Perhaps the most quintessential movement in the belly dance vocabulary, the shimmy is a dancer’s trademark.  In this workshop, Henna will break down techniques for various popular shimmies while guiding students into their own natural shimmies.  Using a modern approach to drilling the movement, students will gain control of their shimmy while relaxing the muscles required to fire the technique.  This is a high energy workshop that captures the earthy nature of the shimmy so that each dancer can experience its bliss.

Free Range, Organic Bellydance
This workshop is a re-exploration of classic bellydance from a natural movement perspective.  Taking our cues from the fundamental principles of baladi and folk dance, we’ll harness our body weight for easeful and juicy movement that agrees with the way our bodies are built.  The principles of classic Egyptian dance will guide us in rediscovering our bodies, from the ground up.  It will provide the tools for creating unique movement that feels good, and that can be a creative tool in improvisation or choreography.

The Heartbeat of Belly Dance
A detailed break down the five most common Arabic rhythms, their history, places of origin, and how they work in music for belly dance or drum solos.  Dance combinations that showcase each rhythm are taught and drilled to Egyptian music that incorporate each rhythm.  Understanding the rules of the dance and music makes breaking them so much fun!

Quick Change! Drum Solo Choreography
This choreography is a great complement to The Heartbeat of Belly Dance workshop as dancers apply what they’ve learned about Arabic rhythms to the dance.  This choreography can modified for many levels, from beginners to professionals.

Charm Your Inner Snake
Boneless, gooey, sinuous – these are all words used to describe the snake-like movements we know and love.  Henna will break down the components of popular belly dance movements and show you where those pockets of goo happen.  Wow your audience by stretching and refining the muscle memory.  Detailed explanations followed by drills and exploratory movement make this workshop great for students with at least a year of belly dance experience.

Baladi, Art and Soul
The root of modern belly dance, the baladi is more than just a rhythm.  Learn the language of the taksim baladi while honing your own individuality and artistic expression.  The history of the baladi is explained in its cultural context as well as addressing the modern baladi performance.  Appropriate for all levels of dancers.

Raqs Sharki Combinations
A traditional workshop full of music-specific combinations using the classic lines and movements of Egyptian raqs sharki.

Mergance Choreography
The dancer’s entrance is often the most challenging of music for performance.  High energy, demanding, and complex, this choreography demystifies the parts of the mergance.  Concepts in this choreography can be applied to other pieces of music and Henna explains the music’s purpose and intention throughout the workshop.

Stick it to ‘Em!
The lively, joyous raqs assaya (stick dance) is a fun addition to any dancer’s repertoire.  Henna teaches the basic technique, music, and history of the dance through a short and fun choreography.

The Anatomy of Music with David Reihs
These workshops are taught with multi-instrumentalist David Reihs of Ritim Egzotik.  For one three hour workshop, we break down a single classic Egyptian song into its musical components of rhythm and maqamat (Middle Eastern scales) as well as the lyrics of the song, its place in bellydance history, and discuss the “how to” of dancing to this complex music.  Dance exercises to the music played live by David, as well as combinations taught by Henna guide participants into deeper understanding of the song.
Possible song choices are: Ana fi Intizarak, Lylet Hob, or Alf Leyla wa Leyla.
Recommended for students of at least 1 year of consistent dance practice.

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Brand New to Belly Dance Workshop
Aug. 28th, 2016
11:00 – 12:30 p.m.
TNT Martial Arts Hillsboro
1982 NE 25th Ave. Suite 15, Hillsboro, OR

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Arabesque by Amira
Oct. 7 & 8, 2016
Olympia, WA
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Workshop at Zamani World Dance
Oct. 9th, 2016
Bothell, WA
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Hawaii Belly Dance Convention
Oct. 14 – 16, 2016
Honolulu, HI