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henna-belly-dance-performanceSurprise your guests with the elegance, artistry, and excitement of a live belly dance performance by Henna!  Customize the performance to suit your vision for the evening.  Henna enjoys working with you to create something unique and unforgettable.  Need a bigger show?  Troupe performances by Raqs Ayana and/or a Middle Eastern band can also be arranged upon request.

“We invited Henna for our New Years party, and we were certainly not disappointed. Even to natives of the culture, she was engaging and impressive. She was authentic and friendly to the audience, and made the evening very enjoyable for everyone. She was professional all the way through, and made sure every detail was in place, to ensure a flawless performance. Next time, we would not hesitate to call her again.” ~M. Kayim


Booking FAQ

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