Belly Dance Classes in North Portland, OR

Welcome to the enchanting world of belly dance!  Rooted in the folk dances of the Middle East, belly dance is based on the way your body moves naturally.  In these classes you will learn how to create the classic shapes of belly dance, to harness the power of your own body weight, and, of course, shake what your mama gave ya!  Along the way, you will build core strength through isolations, and stamina through footwork and shimmies.

Starting in March 2017, there are two classes in North Portland. Whether you are looking to get into shape, try something new, reconnect with your feminine side, or just have a lot of fun, these classes are all of that and more.  Brand New to Belly Dance is designed for anyone with little to no dance experience.  We start with the basic posture, shapes, concepts of classic Egyptian belly dance.  Movements are broken down and drilled with strong, safe posture in mind.  Multi-level Belly Dance is for anyone with 6 months or more continuous belly dance experience.  Movements can be modified to increase complexity for more advanced students.  Musicality, combinations, and folkloric styles are also explored in these classes.

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Peninsula Odd Fellows Classroom
4830 N. Lombard
Portland, OR 97203

Multi-Level Belly Dance
11:00 – 12:00 p.m.

Peninsula Odd Fellows Classroom

Pricing & Class Packages

Drop in for a single class for $18.00 or sign up for one of the class packages below!

Bellydance Hobby

  • 1 hour group classes
  • 4 classes per month / 1 class per week
  • $12.25 per class
  • Total package value: $72.00
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Bellydance Crush

  • 1 hour group classes
  • 8 classes per month / 2 classes per week
  • $9.87 per class
  • Total package value: $144.00
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Bellydance Addiction

  • 1 hour group classes
  • Unlimited Classes
  • $9.00 per class or less!
  • Total package value: $216 or more
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Bellydance Apprentice

  • 1 hour group classes
  • Unlimited Classes
  • 1 hour private lesson with Henna ($75 value)
  • Total package value: $291 or more
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