The Winter 2016 Belly Dance Class schedule is up!  Now that the planning is finished, I am super excited to offer these classes.  A solid foundation for beginners and a challenging yet holistic class for the beyond basic dancers.  It may be winter, but we’ll be staying warm!

As usual my focus is on solid, classic technique and musicality.  Bellydance is a wonderful way to work out but it’s not the main thing.  You’ll stand taller, move through life more gracefully, and get your weekly (or more) dose of serotonin.

Save your spot today by registering for class.  I will mark them as sold out as soon as they’re full.

Brand New to Belly Dance $88 for 8 weeks

Multi-Level Belly Dance $130 for 8 weeks

Please see the current class schedule for upcoming sessions:

Bellydancewith Henna